Kobus P Meyer

Following the publication of a damning newspaper article in network24, Coast to Coast Special Investigation Firm (CTCSI) has intensified its investigation into the Medbond organization and its director, Kobus P Meyer. The organization is accused of targeting elderly individuals and widowers, misleading them into fraudulent investments, with recent reports of a widower being defrauded of R 50 million Rand.

Image from: ctcsi.co.za

CTCSI, a South African-based investigative agency, is now on the hunt for more potential victims and companies who may have fallen prey to the alleged fraudulent activities of Medbond and its co-founder, Kobus Meyer, who is also associated with 741 Private Equity.

The investigation stems from a scathing report published in Rapport News Paper on Sunday, 10th September 2023. The report detailed the case of a widower who was allegedly coerced into investing a staggering R 50 million Rand. This incident has prompted CTCSI to open a criminal case against Medbond and its directors.

CTCSI has announced that it is actively pursuing a total of five criminal cases against Medbond and its directors, amounting to a substantial R 93 million Rand. The investigative firm has expressed its commitment to ensuring that justice is served in these cases.

The allegations against Medbond and Meyer paint a troubling picture of financial exploitation and deceit, particularly concerning vulnerable elderly individuals and widows. As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits further developments in this high-profile case.

CTCSI is encouraging anyone who may have information related to the activities of Medbond and its directors to come forward, as their assistance can play a pivotal role in bringing those responsible to justice.