Boomtown fair event

Freemans Event Partners, a well-known event staffing company, has found itself embroiled in controversy once again. Recent reports have surfaced, revealing alleged instances of poor treatment, discrimination, and neglect faced by bar staff members at the 2022 Boomtown event. This unfortunate situation echoes a previous exposé by The Canary in 2019, where workers subcontracted by Freemans Event Partners and two other subcontractors were subjected to similar mistreatment. In this blog, we delve into the troubling allegations and shed light on the need for improved worker welfare within the events industry.

A Repeat Offense

The recurrence of mistreatment allegations involving Freemans Event Partners raises concerns about the company’s practices and their commitment to the fair treatment of their workers. The incidents reported at the 2022 Boomtown event demonstrate a lack of progress and an apparent disregard for addressing the issues highlighted in the previous investigation.

Allegations of Poor Treatment

Bar staff members working for Freemans Event Partners at the 2022 Boomtown event have come forward, recounting tales of poor treatment and neglect. Workers have alleged that they were subjected to long working hours without proper breaks, insufficient access to restroom facilities, and inadequate provisions for meals and rest. Such conditions not only compromise the physical and mental well-being of the workers but also impede their ability to provide quality service to event attendees.

Discrimination and Neglect

In addition to poor treatment, allegations of discrimination have emerged against Freemans Event Partners. Workers claim to have experienced unfair treatment based on their gender, race, and ethnicity. Such discriminatory practices undermine the principles of equality and diversity, eroding trust and creating a hostile work environment.

Furthermore, reports indicate a lack of attention to worker safety and well-being during the event. Insufficient measures were allegedly taken to ensure the health and safety of the staff, leading to injuries and accidents that could have been prevented. The neglect shown towards worker welfare reflects a fundamental failure on the part of the event organizers and Freemans Event Partners to prioritize the human aspect of their operations.

The Canary Investigation of 2019

The 2019 investigation conducted by The Canary sheds light on a troubling pattern of mistreatment within the events industry, particularly concerning Freemans Event Partners. The report documented instances of underpayment, inadequate working conditions, and substandard accommodation for workers subcontracted by the company and two other subcontractors at Boomtown. The similarities between the two cases suggest a persistent issue that demands immediate attention and intervention.

The Need for Change

These recurring allegations of mistreatment, discrimination, and neglect emphasize the need for industry-wide reforms. It is imperative for event organizers and staffing companies to prioritize worker welfare, ensuring fair treatment, equal opportunities, and safe working conditions. The events industry must embrace ethical and responsible practices, valuing the contributions of the individuals who make these events possible.

The allegations of poor treatment, discrimination, and neglect faced by bar staff members at the 2022 Boomtown event, subcontracted by Freemans Event Partners, highlight ongoing issues within the events industry. The repetition of such mistreatment echoes the previous exposé by The Canary in 2019. This troubling pattern calls for immediate action from both event organizers and staffing companies to address the systemic problems and work towards creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all workers. The events industry must prioritize the well-being and rights of its workforce to ensure a brighter and more sustainable future.