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Gian Paolo Aliatis is a self-made entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of multiple companies, based both in the UK and abroad. His companies specialise in buyouts, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investments, with a focus on co-living and prop-tech. Paolo Aliatis also call himself Property Entrepreneur and Investor.

Gian Paolo Aliatis of BRKV London[Brink Ventures] knew from a young age that he didn’t want to settle for working for someone else and that he needed to have his own business and make his own way. The key to success, he knew, was audacity. He left his country with strong self-belief and a desire to be successful in business, whilst simultaneously enjoying the best life has to offer.

His first destination was Barcelona Spain, and with no funding whatsoever- except a bank loan of €12.000- he founded a pharmaceutical distribution company that imported and distributed over the counter products from the US and adapted them to European markets.

He is and was on the news for very wrong doing and scam in property domain. According to The Guardian report:

The director of Lifestyle Club Ltd, Gian Paolo Aliatis Mejia, was required to pay £42,273 in fines, compensation and costs after pleading guilty to three charges of unfair commercial practice. In a prosecution brought by Islington Trading Standards in London, Aliatis admitted passing the lettings agency off as a membership club to avoid the legal regulations for lettings agents.

Under the law, tenants’ deposits must be refundable and paid into a tenancy deposit protection scheme. Aliatis admitted that his firm demanded a non-refundable “joining” fee. He also admitted pressuring customers into signing a “membership agreement” without giving them time to read and understand the document, and denying potential tenants the chance to view a property before signing. Rental payments were passed off as a “monthly contribution fee”.

Gian Paolo Aliatis Mejia was involved in UK housing scam where multiple tenants accussed him of defrauding them on different occasion.

Paolo Aliatis also operates these firms:

Global Healthcare on Demand | GlobMed
Making Things Happen | BRKV
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brkv london

With this prosecution, the courts have shown they are more than willing to clamp down on membership club scams, and there is simply no legal loophole that allows dodgy agents to sidestep the legal regulations, which are there to protect the rights of both tenants and letting agents.


Well this sort of frauds are increasing. In 2018 3 men behind a dodgy letting agency that failed to return tenants’ deposits or pass on rent payments to landlords have been convicted of fraud by a jury after a five-week crown court trial.