Dr. Bharat Lall aka Barry Lall was a Kaiser Permanente practicing doctor in California in the 1990s. He had a thriving medical practice and was well respected in the community. However, in 1990, his California medical license was revoked after several women patients came forward and alleged sexual misconduct during physical examinations.

[File Pic: Native News Online] Dr Bharat Lall

The allegations against Dr. Barry Lall were serious and numerous. Women reported that he had touched them inappropriately during exams and had made inappropriate comments about their bodies. Some women reported feeling violated and traumatized by his behavior.

Following an investigation, Dr. Barry Lall’s medical license was revoked, and he was no longer able to practice medicine in California. The revocation of a medical license is a serious matter, and it means that the person is no longer allowed to practice medicine in the state.

The state attorney general’s office had accused him of sexual misconduct and gross negligence in his treatment of five female patients. But, after publicity about the case, five more women patients approached authorities with similar allegations, including one of an incident that allegedly occurred last month.

In the first five cases-four at Kaiser and one at Scripps Ranch Medical Clinic–Lall, 39, allegedly examined patients, administering a massage while he stood between their legs, sometimes pressing his body against them as they sat clad in paper gowns, according to court records.

After losing his medical license, he struggled to find work in his chosen profession. He had invested many years of his life into becoming a doctor, and now he was unable to practice medicine. However, he eventually found another profession in real estate.

It is important to note that while he lost his medical license due to allegations of sexual misconduct, he has not been convicted of any crime. However, the loss of his license indicates that there was enough evidence to support the allegations against him and that his behavior was deemed unacceptable by the medical board.

The revocation of a medical license is a serious matter, and it can have long-lasting consequences for the person involved. However, it is also important to remember that people can change and that they should be given the opportunity to do so. In the case of Barry Lall, he was able to find a new profession and start a new chapter in his life.

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How come it is convenient for some people to misuse their authority in this way?