Alliance Shield LLC is a company that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. This precious metals investment company has been accused of luring elderly people into investing in gold/silver and other precious metals at much higher commission rates than the normal commission. In this article, we will take a closer look at Alliance Shield LLC, their practices, and the impact they have had on the elderly population.

Alliance Shield LLC is a precious metals investment company based in California. They claim to specialize in the sale of gold, silver, palladium as well as other precious metals. The company has been in operation since April 2022 and has been the subject of numerous complaints and legal actions from customers who allege that they were misled by the company.

According to reports, Alliance Shield LLC has been known to target elderly people through telemarketing and other marketing techniques. They claim to offer investment opportunities in precious metals such as gold and silver, which they say will offer a secure investment option that will protect the investor from inflation and other economic fluctuations. However, these investments come with a catch – the commission rates charged by Alliance Shield LLC are much higher than the industry standard.

Additionally, Alliance Shield allegedly marketed itself as a full-service investment firm with offices in London, New York City, and Beverly Hills that employed prominent individuals in the securities industry and had $11 billion in assets under management. In reality, Alliance Shield LLC allegedly operated the company from a small leased space in a Woodland Hills, California office building using sales agents. The agents reportedly used prepared scripts, some that were written by Santulan, that contained false and misleading statements about how the market was going to crash and their retirement accounts would be frozen under a new ‘unpublicized’ law. 

Many elderly people who have invested in precious metals with Alliance Shield LLC have reported losing a significant amount of money. They claim that the company misled them about the risks and costs associated with investing in precious metals. The commission rates charged by the company are often much higher than those charged by other precious metals investment companies, meaning that investors are left with a smaller return on their investment.

Alliance Shield LLC is owned by Jeffrey Santulan who was on the news for defrauding many customers. Santulan operated Safeguard Metals LLC which was founded in 2019 and on 2022 allegation started to surface on the internet about scaming the elderly people. After which they started a new firm under the name Alliance Shield LLC which operated from the same address of Safeguard Metals LLC which was 21550 OXNARD ST, 3RD FL WOODLAND HILLS CA 91367.

Same address of Alliance Shield LLC & Safeguard Metals LLC

In total, Jeffrey Santulan fraudulently solicited approximately $68 million from more than 450 members of the public to purchase Precious Metals. Of that $68 million, $66 million was derived from purchases of fraudulently priced Silver Coins.

The impact of Alliance Shield LLC’s practices on the elderly population has been devastating. Many elderly people have lost their life savings due to investing in precious metals with the company. The stress and financial strain caused by these losses have also had a significant impact on their mental and physical health.

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Damn man, this trick is sick but its true. I have seen these sorts of tricks used in insurance companies where they kind of scrare the elderly people by using diff tips and geting them to get insured on their products.