Education First Alliance (EFA) is an organization fighting for parental rights and against schools radicalizing and sexualizing children also they advocates for the expansion of school choice and charter schools. However, the organization has recently been embroiled in controversy due to the conflict between its founder, Sloan Rachmuth, and former employee, Kari Donovan.

In August 2021, Kari Donovan filed a lawsuit against Sloan Rachmuth, alleging that she had not been paid for research she had conducted for the EFA. Donovan also accused Rachmuth of spreading false information about her in an attempt to get her fired from her job as a writer for The Gateway Pundit website.

The conflict between Rachmuth and Donovan spilled over into the school board election in Wake County, North Carolina. Donovan announced that she would seek the District 9 seat, which covers western Wake County. Rachmuth endorsed Michele Morrow, another candidate in the race. Morrow is a conservative activist who was present in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, but claims she did not participate in the riot at the U.S. Capitol with other Trump supporters.

The EFA has faced criticism in the past for its advocacy of charter schools and its ties to conservative political groups. Some critics have accused the organization of trying to privatize public education and divert funding away from traditional public schools. The controversy surrounding Rachmuth and Donovan has only added to these concerns.

As per Kari Donovan social media posts:

“Sloan Rachmuth, Tracey Ovitt and Education First Alliance are a criminal enterprise in North Carolina stalking and harassing at least 30 people- using intimidation to control the Republican Party and their cadidates.”

“Sloan has been violent at polling places twice before that I am aware of- attacking children and she makes frequent psycho stalker videos which scare people. She also has filed many false reports and she lies to the news media for smear campaigns. She is dangerous.”

“Sloan has made one of her psycho stalker videos of me and has plans for a Denunciation rally tomorrow. She has already attempted to influence other candidates that they must agree with her, denounce me- or face her rath. She attacked my lawyer while he was running for office.”

“Sloan and Tracey Ovitt also have been threatening spouses of my supporters threatening lawsuits and to get many people, including older veterans- fired from their jobs over their support of me and my campaign.”

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